This is Jiaqi🙋! I am currently an undergraduate student @ PKU.

I am here trying to document my life and write blogs on both study and thoughts. Feel free to contact me through 📧: im.sisixi AT gmail.com. This website provides more on my (trivial) research work and projects.

Some personal stuffs (keep updating…)👇#

Something about names…#

🌟 The blog name 西瓜皮 sounds exactly like my Chinese name. Another nickname of mine is 虾虾(shrimp), a faster version of my Chinese name. But I prefer fried shrimps to shrimps so it became 🍤 (you can see it everywhere on this website).

🌟 I also have an English name called Sisi1 (given by my parents due to its similarity with my Chinese last name Xi奚).

🌟 I love to name things after mahjong tiles🀄️. I have a toy lamma called 九筒, a toy bear called 八万, a car of my family called 七梭, a jellycat red shrimp called 红中, a jellycat Christmas tree called 发财. Hoping to have more mahjong family members in the future!

Something about my favorites…#

🌟 I love lammas🦙!!! I have lammas of different sizes, from pendants to 1-meter tall. (Also, pronouncing LAMMA makes me feel great, don’t know why.)

🌟 I love jellycat. I love the AMUSABLE series because of that mysterious smile on all kinds of stuffs. My first jellycat is a smiling croissant🥐, I love it sooooo much but it’s missing (I miss it every day).

🌟 My favorite anime is 田中くんはいつもけだるげ. His life philosophy of idling resonates with me. I start to learn Japanese because I want to read its original comics. I have uploaded an album of screenshots here.

🌟 I used to play the game Sky with lhp a lot, the cover of this website is a picture of me in that fascinating world.

🌟 I can play the piano, the horn, and the harmonica. But now the most frequent instruments I play are the kazoo and kalimba, presents from lhp.

🌟 I love photography, especially street photography, but am not good at it. I have a Fujifilm XT-20 and a Olympus μ\mu-zoom.

🌟 I love music games, especially bang dream.


🌜 Always be happy. Always be grateful to my family and my friends.

🌜 A vinyl record player.

🌜 Travel to Japan and Copenhagen again. Love the hustle and bustle in Japan and the cosy lifestyle in Copenhagen.

🌜 Amusable JELLYCATS!!!

🌜 不要失学。万一失业了就去星巴克打工。

  1. 1.Unfortunately, people hearing this name usually misspell it as "Cici" or "Sissi", so I was once unwilling to mention it, even try to find some alternatives (like Sicily). After knowing the story of Empress Elisabeth of Austria (whose nickname is Sisi, perhaps the most famous Sisi in the world so far), I started to find this name fascinating. So from then on, I would be glad to be called Sisi, better if you could spell it right👍.